best shoes for standing all day

Best Shoes for Standing All Day

Standing up all day isn’t good for the feet. Unfortunately, some people have jobs that require them to do so. In many cases, these individuals end up with problems like plantar fascitis, a painful foot condition that involves stabbing pain. 

Obviously, these individuals can’t just quit their jobs. So, what can they do? They can opt for higher-quality footwear that will enable healthy feet. 

Looking for such footwear currently? Then read on. Here are the best shoes for standing all day. 

The Effect of Standing All Day in Improper Shoes

You may think that standing all day only has a minor effect on the feet. However, in fact, standing all day can cause serious health problems, especially if you’re standing all day in bad or improper shoes. Let’s discuss some of the more prominent problems brought on by standing for long periods in bad shoes. 

Chronic Foot Pain

As you might expect, standing all day in improper shoes can lead to chronic foot pain. This stands to reason, as standing puts tremendous stress on the feet. If the feet are standing on a surface that doesn’t properly support them (like bad shoes, for example), it’s only reasonable to expect that they would start aching. 

In some cases, it’s no more than standard muscle soreness. In other cases, it’s severe problems like plantar fasciitis. You don’t want to experience either, so be sure to wear a proper pair of shoes. 

Bad Posture

Not only does standing all day affect the feet but the body’s posture as well. This is because, when you’re in a standing position, the muscles are forced to hold back the neck and shoulders. After some time, they become fatigued, and can no longer hold the body in place. Posture issues are the result. 

Bad posture can result in pain in the hips, back, neck, shoulders, and various other parts of the body. As such, it’s better avoided. 

Friction Injuries

One last type of condition that’s brought on by standing in bad shoes all day is friction injuries. These run the gamut from callouses to bunions to warts and more. 

These arise due to the way that the foot rubs up against the shoe while in a standing position. If the shoe were more accommodating to the foot, this would be less likely to happen. 

Jobs That Are Prone to Being on One’s Feet All Day

There are a number of jobs out there that require workers to be on their feet all day. These include the following:

Factory/Warehouse Worker

Factory and warehouse workers work anywhere from 8 to 12-hour shifts and sometimes even longer. The vast majority of this time, they’re on their feet. As such, it’s imperative that they have high-quality shoes. 


Nurses also tend to work long and grueling shifts. While they may sit down from time to time, a large portion of the time, they’re on their feet either standing or moving around. 

Restaurant Worker

From chefs to waiters to line cooks and more, if it involves working in a restaurant, there probably isn’t going to be much sitting happening. These individuals spend almost their entire shifts on their feet. 

The Best Shoes for Standing All Day 

Now, let’s move on to the main attraction: the best shoes for standing over long periods. They include the following:

Croc Classic Clogs

Opinions on Crocs are varied. However, they almost all have to do with their appearance. If you look past that, you’ll see that classic Croc clogs are some of the most comfortable and supportive shoes on the market.

Now, they’re probably not great for factory and warehouse workers. However, for nurses and maybe even restaurant workers, these can make a world of difference for your feet. 

New Balance FuelCore Nergize

Next up is the New Balance FuelCore Nergize. This is a tennis shoe that offers not only a great deal of support but a cushioned insole as well. Lightweight and snug-fitting, it’s easy to maneuver without putting friction on the foot. 

It’s also highly breathable. Sporting a mesh upper portion, it flexes with ease, all while releasing heat and moisture. 

Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature

Another shoe to consider is the Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature. This shoe fits snugly against the foot, reducing slippage and friction as much as possible. Nonetheless, it offers a good amount of flex, allowing you to maneuver with ease.

With a cushioned insole and a shock-absorbent sole, it receives impact well, taking stress off the feet throughout the day. 

Skechers Go Joy Walking Shoe

The Skechers Go Joy Walking Shoe is another option to consider. This laceless shoe goes on like a slipper and possesses a highly breathable mesh top. It also offers tremendous cushion, all the while maintaining good arch support. 

If you’re going to be moving around constantly, it’s probably not the best option. If you’re standing in one place most of the day, however, it’s a solid option. 

Dr Scholl’s Sync Oxford Shoe

We’ll round out our list with the Dr Scholl’s Sync Oxford shoe. These are proper shoes for office work that are specifically designed for comfort and support. It not only looks great but performs well also. 

This shoe offers enhanced support under the toes, not to mention memory foam under the ball of the foot and thick foam at the heel. Its sole is made of synthetic materials that are both absorbent and slip-resistant. 

Looking for Other Types of Footwear?

Now that we’ve identified the best shoes for standing all day, you might be on the hunt for other types of footwear. If so, look no further. has you covered. 

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