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The Ultimate Man’s Guide to Choosing Shoes

It is an insulting myth that all men do not care about their shoes, it is equally ludicrous to say all women care greatly about their shoes.

Some men’s footwear collection could rival that of Imelda Marcos and some women could not care less about the latest shoe fashions.

Having dealt with the gender stereotypes, it must also be noted that some people buy shoes as a practical necessity, whereas others buy shoes obsessively.

Most people, however, fall somewhere between those two extremes. Many men feel uncomfortable wearing lots of different styles in shoes.

Some men, who need to wear safety boots for work, may stick to a similar style of footwear in their leisure time.

Some men wear sneakers all the time. However, sneakers are inappropriate wear for some occasions and with certain outfits.

It may be that men lack confidence in choosing shoe styles outside the styles that they are used to wearing.

Some general tips and advice on how to choose men’s shoes that are appropriate for particular types of outfits.

Some General Tips On How To Choose Men’s Shoes

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Your shoes should either match or be darker than your pants or trousers. Socks need not necessarily match shoes.

You could think about socks as if they were a tie; they can unite your entire outfit. However, like a tie they should not clash with or shout at the colors in your outfit.

If you wear a belt, you should try to wear one that matches your shoes.

Jeans and Shoes

Most shoe colors and styles go with jeans; however, you should avoid very shiny, dressy shoes.

When wearing jeans, you may wish to let your shirt style guide your choice of shoes, since jeans look good with all types of shoes from boots to loafers and sandals.

Loafers might work well with a sporty looking polo shirt; sneakers and tee shirts go well together; sandals and contemporary modern shoe styles match well with long button down collared shirts.

Shoe Styles That Go Well With Casual Pants

Loafers, Oxford brogues, and many other shoe styles match casual pants, such as Dockers, Khakis, Chinos and other casual pant styles.

It is a good idea to allow the style and decoration of the shoes give you clues as to their possible purpose and appropriateness for particular purposes or looks.

Tassels or buckles on shoes indicate that the shoes are intended for smarter or dress wear, woven patterns or heavy stitching is usually a clue that the shoes are intended for wear with more casual outfits.

Shoes For Wear With Dress Pants

When wearing dress pants, you should choose a similar shoe type that you would wear with a suit.

Dress shoes are generally shinier and less bulky in the heels and soles than everyday shoes, because they do not need to be as hard-wearing and durable.

Color Matching Shoes To Outfits

It is sometimes said that a gentleman does not wear brown shoes that is not necessarily true; a gentleman can wear any color shoes he likes, as long as his pants match them.

You can wear black shoes with black, navy blue or grey pants. Brown shoes go best with brown, tan, cream, beige, green and earthy tones.

Tan shoes go well with blue beige, light tan, cream, white and light earthy tonesBurgundy shoes look good with light browns, blue, grey, and some khaki tones.

Choosing shoes is easy when you know how it is a matter of what you like, whether you are buying the shoes for a particular occasion or outfit, what you are going to be doing while wearing the shoes, and most importantly whether they fit and are comfortable.

Do not do what many men do; breeze into a shoe shop pick up a pair marked with your size and walk out. Try the shoes on before you pay for them, and walk a little in them.

Just because a pair is marked with the number that you think will fit you, it does not necessarily mean that particular pair of shoes will fit you.

Final Thoughts

Men are finding that there are so many choices in the best walking shoes for men today. It can all be a little confusing, however following a few hints and tips can help to make shopping for men’s shoes that little bit easier.