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World’s Largest Sneaker Collection


There are many people who profess their love for sneaker but only few go to the next level to collect them.

You will find the sneaker-head individuals with thousands of shoes and a special collection of sneaker.

One such person is Joe Johnson who stocks sneakers in a vault. He keeps a collection of James Bond-styled fingerprint system and other unique variations.

World’s Largest Sneaker Collectors

1. Jordan Michael Geller Sneaker Collection

The world’s largest sneaker collector has more than 2,500 sneakers and is named Jordan Michael Geller.

He is a gigantic sneaker-head who is recognised by the Guinness World Record Books. Geller then opened a showroom in Las Vegas in 2010 to display this collection.

His collection of sneakers was from initial Nike prototypes that Bill Bowerman had tucked away.

Most of the sneakers had not been worn and only a few had been worn them to games.

The people who have enjoyed the comfort of these sneakers are LeBron James and Michael Jordan.

The Shoezeum at Las Vegas now remains closed since Geller sold the sneakers.

He further listed the shoes on e-Bay for sell. The collection was held in an Eiffel Tower that also has an Egyptian Pyramid.

The collection was available for viewing at $10 and visitors could see the Nikes. Geller had an exquisite collection of Nikes that he started collecting when he was young.

Out of the thousands of shoes, less than a dozen had been worn. Among the pairs of shoes that were worn was a one that Michael Jordan wore when he played for the Chicago Bulls.

The most expensive sneaker in the collection was $7,100 which was made to honour the memorial of Jordan’s 1982 game-winning.

Jordan was a star in the game at the NCAA finals where he scored the winning shot for the University of North Carolina.

Geller started buying and selling the sneakers in 1999. The amazing shoes were also presented in original boxes.

Furthermore, the estimated value of the set of Air Jordan’s is over a million dollars.  The shrine in Las Vegas is unique since it had every one of the Air Jordan’s that has ever existed.

The Nike collection displayed at the shrine had the design of flowers, birds, bees and trees. There were others that were based on characters such as the Hulk, Simpsons, the Human Torch and the Grouch.

The shrine further held two pairs of yellow lobster Nikes where only 36 pairs were made in the world.

Still, Geller began showing his exquisite collection of sneakers at San Diego before displaying them at the museum in Las Vegas.

Geller has always felt that it is destiny that guided him to Las Vegas since he also shares a name with Michael Jordan, and his parents specifically named him after this player.


2. Farese’s Sneaker Collection

Forbes presented a Mayor Farese with a collection of sneakers worth $750,000. He owns over 3,000 pairs and his collection com prises of some rear sneakers.

His collection includes Air Jordan’s and other favourites such as Air Yeezys and Nike Air MAG.

The price includes exceptions sneakers such as the Undefeated x Air Jordan 4 that goes for $25,000. This is one of his valuable sneakers in his collection.

Farese does not regard himself as a sneaker-head but he is a sneaker wearer instead.